E-Coach Importing Demo Data

NOTE: Before importing the demo content make sure that you have installed the Divi theme and it’s activated.

How to import the demo content? #

After you have successfully installed the plugin and activated it, please go back to the dashboard or refresh the page and you will E-Coach Divi child theme click on it.

Group 1000002134

Scroll to the very bottom where you will see the begin site import button click on it and wait for 5-10 mins until the importing is completed.

Group 1000002135

How to change the main home page from demo to Home 1, 2, 3 #

Head towards Dashboard > Settings > Reading > select the homepage as Home or Home 2 or Home 3 whatever the page you want as a homepage.

Group 1000002136

Group 1000002137

Delete duplicate WooCommerce pages #

In the importing process, there are Woocommerce pages that comes automatically with the Woocommerce plugin and the same pages comes with our plugin so there are two pages with the same name for example Cart(Divi) Cart, Checkout(Divi) Checkout, etc… so we have to delete those which have no content.

There are total 6 pages that you need to delete

Cart, Checkout, Shop, My-Account, Privacy Policy, Refund Policy

As an example we have given below:

Group 1000002145

How to change the slug of Woocommerce pages which are left now? #

Go to dashboard > all pages > click on quick edit and change the slug from cart-2 to just cart or checkout-2 to just checkout.

Group 1000002146

Group 1000002144

How to change the Woocommerce pages to the right ones? #

Go to dashboard > Woocommerce > Settings > Advanced > make sure to reselect after searching even if it shows you the pages there already.

Group 1000002140

Group 1000002142

How to change the Woocommerce shop page? #

Go to dashboard > Woocommerce > Settings > Products > make sure to reselect after searching even if it shows you the shop there already.

Group 1000002141

Group 1000002143

How to change the permalink? #

This is really important as if you don’t do then some of the pages will become 404.

Go to dashboard > settings > permalinks > post name > save changes.

Group 1000002138

Group 1000002139


  1. Monica D

    Hello I”m trying to import the E-coach divi child theme I purchased last night from the Elegant Themes marketplace and it keeps stopping when it get to my-custom-functions the error I am getting is: Plugin Install Failed: my-custom-functions – Unknown Reason

    I would really like to get this to work as the demo shows. What can I do? Thank you.

    • Lovish Gulati

      Please provide us with the login to your website and we will do it for you at [email protected]


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